Global Corporate Entrepreneurship

Global Corporate Entrepreneurship

Perspectives, Practices, Principles, and Policies

Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi


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Navigating the constantly changing global context of today calls for a need to work with and develop understanding of multiple actors beyond the local environment. This requires leaders and organisations to have not just multiple perspectives but also a global view of the increasingly interconnected business world. Transcending beyond social science theories, GLOBAL CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP provides a comprehensive insight into perspectives, practices, principles, and policies of self-defined organisations. The integrative approach employed in the book challenges management concepts and theories and advances deeper levels of understanding of corporate entrepreneurial practices. This resourceful, advanced-level book is a must read for all active researchers, individuals, and organisations aspiring toward becoming more globally fit. Volume II of the book documents all case-by-case models of the organisations investigated and Volume III is a complementary but standalone book entitled ‘Global Business Hybridization’ incorporating a self-help approach to stimulate the reader to reflect on and engage in self-development exercises.