The Boy and the Dystopian Realities

The Boy and the Dystopian Realities

David Davies


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Dystopia is imagined through todays films as being savage, barren and vivid apocalyptic world, so seemingly distant from the world we live in; but this book portrays subtle realities of our world through a boy’s eyes where something else lurks only a slither of a veneer away. It is not necessarily about physical space; but also, a mental realm hinting at a boy’s mental state, as what I refer to as the ‘Apocalyptic Mind’. A boy so full of insecurities searching for love, dreams and a utopia, which conflicts with his way of life in a technological world. Through the love of Mother Nature David hints upon God, asking him ‘Why?’, which shows his frustration in a painful and confused world that gives no answers. Philosophy gives us liberty to write about the things we see and experience to try and make sense of the world, hinting at homelessness, guns and technology, David plays with these ideas so fictional and at points ludicrous, where he blends the real with the imaginary.