Higher RMPS: Morality & Belief: Second Edition

Higher RMPS: Morality & Belief: Second Edition

Joe Walker


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Exam Board: SQA
Level: Higher
Subject: RMPS
First Teaching: August 2018
First Exam: June 2019

The only resource for RMPS at Higher level, by a bestselling author and expert in the field. Completely updated with the latest SQA assessment changes.

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the updated Higher in Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies, but is also ideal for students across Scotland studying key topic areas in Morality and Belief as part of the broad general education and the senior phase of RME.

- Written in a lively, accessible and engaging style that reflects real-life situations and moral issues

- Highlights the importance of dealing with varieties of belief within religious traditions

- Deals with up-to-date contemporary and topical issues in a highly practical manner